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What you could do yourself

There are some simple remedies to improve and accelerate your healing.

To start with:

Compress of Cottage Cheese

A compress with horse-radish


Compress of Cottage Cheese ("Quark"):
in case of an inflammation of your throat, tonsils, breast etc. or the swelling of for instance your ankle you may try this compress. I recommend that you consult your physician so you don't oversee anything of importance! Take a thick piece of paper needed in the kitchen, add a large tea-spoon of "Quark", wrap this in the paper and place this where it is needed. Do fix the compress with a scarf, your socks or anything else comfortable. The effect comes by the evaporation of the liquid. As soon as the compress is dry throw it away and start with a new one! Attention: if you think ice would do a better job: be carefull! This might even aggravates your problem! Ask your physician!

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