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What you can do to help yourself

There are some simple remedies to improve and accelarate your process.

To start with:

Compress of Cottage Cheese

A compress with horse-radish


Try to develop your own "ritual" how you successivly go to bed, i.e. do every night the same things in the same order.

Then try the retrospective view of the day: sit down in a quiet place and look back at the day but the other way round starting with the evening and going back thru afternoon, noon, morning until you arrive where you want to go - your bed. In this way you take over control of your memories and ideas. Just look what happened. Do not evaluate what should have happened instead... If you still cannot find your sleep: get up and look for a good book and not for tv until you feel tired again. Your bed is only a place for decontraction and peace. Please discuss these measures with your physician.

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